My name is Yvonne Brown, I have lived in Crewkerne for over 10 years, I am a keen shopper of local business, and I have recently become a dog owner.

I also own a caravan, and my partner and I (with Lottie) regularly go on small breaks to other destinations in the UK.

However, this has presented me with a problem when visiting towns and in particular - High Streets!  

When visiting high Streets and shopping centres of towns, I find the most difficult and annoying obstacle is that you don’t know which shops, cafes etc you can enter with your dog, as there is rarely any external indication.

These days, leaving your dog tied up outside for a long time is no longer an option, as dog theft has risen by 24% over the last 3 years and so a lot of dog owners don't take this risk.  
Therefore, the alternative is to hover in the doorway waiting to catch the eye of an employee, who invariably doesn’t know the answer, and so you just don’t bother and walk on past. 

I understand that some businesses aren’t keen on allowing dogs in, but by having a clear indication on the door, it saves both the dog owner and the employee the embarrassment of the potential customer being turned away.

I'm sure you will be delighted to know that I have created a solution to this problem!! 😊

In order to achieve this, I have designed 3 stickers: see "The Stickers" page.

If this traffic light system is displayed on every business door, it means that all dog owners can come and shop in the town, easily identifying which shops they can and cannot enter….…..and some shops may even actively welcome dogs, by perhaps giving treats or offering a bowl of water.