I am excited to be promoting the new scheme in my home town of Crewkerne!

I am pleased to announce, that to date we have 65 shops signed up to the scheme:

37 of those Welcome All Dogs and 11 would like you to check first, and 17 clearly indicate that they are only able to allow Assistance Dogs.

You can now easily walk around the town with your pooch, and see the stickers in the windows/doors of the shops that welcome you and your dog(s) with open arms.

Understandably, our generous shop keepers would like owners to be responsible and to be considerate, such as not taking a big wet dog into a small antiques shop and to keep them under close control etc.

I am also working on a leaflet to hand out to the public explaining the scheme, and highlighting shops that are particularly dog friendly, and other benefits of visiting the lovely town of Crewkerne with a dog (or two)!